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Track your packages every step of the way

Have all platforms and all roles working together to update where the packages are at.

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Get delivery updates in real-time from your riders

Riders can accept tasks and update them as successful or failed through their riders' app.

  • Accept or Reject Tasks: Upon assigning a package, riders can opt to accept or reject the task and this will get reflected.
  • Complete or cancel pick ups: Riders can easily scan tens or hundreds of packages upon picking up and the system gets updated instantly.
  • Complete deliveries: Riders can complete the deliveries while on the road, no need for them to go back to hub to update the package status.
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Keep the ball rolling — update packages as a team

Encoders shouldn't be the only ones updating the package's status. Get your whole team involved.

  • Reduce back office overhead: Majority of the team should be out there making deliveries. Airship helps companies keep overhead low by delegating the package status task across the team.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date: Just scan the waybill on the system and view the package's history.
  • Make your team accountable: Lost a package? Identify who last scanned the waybill.
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Print waybills and barcodes with Airship

Airship uses industry-standard waybill size and displays content according to the best practices.

  • Everyone can generate waybills: Your team can generate waybills as soon as the packages are created, or senders can print them on their own.
  • Set your own reference numbers: If you don't want to use system-generated waybill numbers, you can input your own reference numbers.
  • Generate master waybills: Riders can complete the deliveries while on the road, no need for them to come back to you to update the package status.

Every package can make or break your business

Here are the benefits of having track and trace in your courier business

  • Real-time status of packages
  • Better customer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Increase capacity per employee
  • Easier to claim insurance with package history
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reappropriate manpower to marketing
  • Save on encoders
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